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The European Semester as a tool to advance the EU's climate goals

The European Semester is an annual monitoring and coordination cycle, which is part of the European Union's economic governance framework. While the Semester has followed the same cycle since its adoption in 2010, this year it has been heavily adjusted to support the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The European Semester serves as the assessment framework for the EUR 672.5 billion Recovery and Resilience Facility, a fund to be distributed to all EU countries.

We at Climate & Company think that the Semester has the unique potential to be used as an effective tool to advance the EU's climate goals and push for a green recovery.

During this capacity building webinar we will answer the following questions: What is the purpose of the European Semester? Why is the Semester important to deliver the Green Deal? What needs to change in the Semester to accelerate the green transition?


  • Oliver Herrmann, Partner at Climate & Company
  • Louise Simon, Junior Analyst at Climate & Company
  • Eloïse Bodin, Policy Analyst at IEEP


Climate & Company
28 Sep