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Capacity Building Workshop 3: How to reform the EU fiscal framework?

If left unreformed, the EU’s fiscal framework will prevent us from reaching environmental and social targets, while at the same time crippling the Covid recovery. 

In this workshop, Finance Watch will build on the two previous capacity building workshops and analyse options for a reform of the EU fiscal framework. Our experts will explain to participants how to navigate the maze of rules impacting European government’s fiscal and socio-economic policies. We will give answers to questions like: What are the rules currently in place? Which ideas and conceptions are they built on? What is their legal foundation? What are the options on the table to change them? And how can Europe best reform them?

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Moderator: Till Ehrmann, Campaigns and Communications Officer at Finance Watch

Speaker: Ludovic Suttor-Sorel, Research and Advocacy Officer at Finance Watch


Finance Watch
30 Sep