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28 September 2021

The European Semester as a tool to advance the EU's climate goals

Climate & Company

The European Semester is an annual monitoring and coordination cycle, which is part of the European Union's economic governance framework.

Oliver Herrman
Partner, Climate & Company
Louise Simon
Junior Analyst, Climate & Company
Eloïse Bodin
Policy Analyst, IEEP

Who Owns the Eurozone? The political economy of fiscal rules and the European Fiscal Framework

NEF & Max Planck Institute

Fiscal policy is all about power – the power to tax, to borrow and to spend. In the Eurozone, the exercise of this power is calibrated against a complex fiscal framework and a plethora of formal rules.

Benedicta Marzinotto
Adjunct Professor of Economic Policy
Vitor Constancio
Former Vice President of the European Central Bank. Professor at the School of Economics & Business Administration at University of Navarra.
Lucio Baccaro
Director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne
Waltraud Schelkle
Professor in Political Economy at the European Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Poul Thomsen
Former Director of the European Department of the International Monetary Fund
29 September 2021

A Return to “Normal”? Fiscal Futures in Post-Pandemic Europe

ACES (Amsterdam Centre for European Studies)

The pandemic and the associated lockdowns produced the deepest and most disruptive downturn in the EU since World War II. This prompted the Council to lift all constraints on debt and deficits embedded in the European fiscal framework.

Roel Beetsma
Professor of Macroeconomics at the University of Amsterdam. Member of the European Fiscal Board.
Marco Buti
European Commission, Head of Cabinet for Commissioner of the Economy Paolo Gentiloni.
Jean Pisani-Ferry
Chair at the European University Institue in Florence. Senior fellow at Bruegel and the Peterson Institute.
Paul van den Noord
Affiliate Member of the Amsterdam School of Economics.

Workshop on fiscal policy reform proposals

ZOE Institute for Future-fit economies

The impact and feasibility of proposals to increase fiscal flexibility in the EU

Jens Südekum
Professor of International Economics at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
Thomas Wieser
Non-Resident Fellow, Bruegel
Jakob Hafele
Co-founder and managing director, ZOE Institute for Future-fit economies
Lucio Pench
Director for Macroeconomic Policies, DG ECFIN, European Commission
Niels Thygesen
Chairman, European Fiscal Board (EFB)

EMU Fiscal Governance: Saving the Balance Sheet at the cost of Democracy?

Young Scholars Initiative, Young EUI Democracy Forum, NEF

Fighting Inequality, increasing productivity and fostering a green transition are some of the essential goals of a post-pandemic fiscal governance framework, but how does democracy fit in all this? 

Kalypso Nicolaidis
Professor of International Relations, Faculty Fellow, St Antonys College
Stefano Merlo
VU Amsterdam's John Stuart Mill College
Adina Maricut-Akbik
Affiliate Research Fellow, Hertie School
Daniela Gabor
Professor of Economics and Macro-Finance, University of West England
30 September 2021

Fiscal Matters Closing Event: Fiscal 2.0 - A Roadmap for the Future?


This seminar will close the week of debate, #FiscalMatters. The discussion will be dedicated to the new economic governance and a possible revised fiscal framework to put the European Union on the right track for the future.

Miatta Fahnbulleh
CEO New Economics Foundation
Lydia Prieg
Head of Economics New Economics Foundation
Marco Buti
European Commission, Head of Cabinet for Commissioner of the Economy Paolo Gentiloni.
Joseph Stiglitz
Nobel laureate in economics, University Professor at Columbia University, chief economist of the Roosevelt Institute
Dominika Biegon
Member of the European Economic and Social Committee and Head of European and International Economic Policy at the Federal Executive Board of the German Trade Union Confederation.
Steve Keen
Minsky UCL Honorary Research Fellow
Philipp Heimberger
Economist at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies
Aurore Lalucq
Member of the European Parliament (S&D), Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
Luca Visentini
General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)