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Fiscal Matters Closing Event: Fiscal 2.0 - A Roadmap for the Future?

This seminar will close the week of debate, #FiscalMatters. The discussion will be dedicated to the new economic governance and a possible revised fiscal framework to put the European Union on the right track for the future. To this end, the New Economics Foundation and the European Trade Union Confederation are organising a seminar with high-level speakers and panellists. Margins of manoeuvre on fiscal rules exist between economic, legal, institutional boundaries and we should be upfront about these possibilities. 

This seminar will therefore bring the views of different academics, politicians, trade unionists and civil society stakeholders, to build back better, indeed, but to build on different bases, taking seriously into account ecological transition, inequalities including gender and race and how this feeds into global social issues, for a new development model ensuring just transitions and social progress.

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Introduction: Miatta Fahnbulleh, CEO New Economics Foundation

Keynote speeches, discussion and debate:

  • Marco Buti, Head of Paolo Gentiloni’s cabinet, European Commission
  • Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2001), Columbia University

Moderator: Lydia Prieg, Head of Economics New Economics Foundation


  • Dominika Biegon, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee and Head of European and International Economic Policy at the Federal Executive Board of the German Trade Union Confederation.
  • Steve Keen, Minsky UCL Honorary Research Fellow
  • Philipp Heimberger, The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies. 
  • Aurore Lalucq, Member of the European Parliament, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. 

Concluding remarks: Luca Visentini, General Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation

30 Sep